Four Auspicious Beasts Adjustable Silver Ring
Four Auspicious Beasts Adjustable Silver Ring
Four Auspicious Beasts Adjustable Silver Ring
Four Auspicious Beasts Adjustable Silver Ring

Four Auspicious Beasts Adjustable Silver Ring

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🖐🏼 Handcrafted item
📐 Length: Adjustable Ring Size to inches
🧰 Material: 99% Silver

Product Description:
📌 Four Auspicious Beasts engraved on adjustable size Ring
📌 Suitable for Male 

Circumference -  58mm to 64mm adjustable ring size; best looking on thumb, index or middle finger.

The four cardinal directions of the Chinese zodiac are represented by four mythological creatures. also referred to as "Four Guardians," "Four Gods," or "Four Auspicious Beasts"

1️⃣ The East Azure Dragon represents the wood element and the spring season. It is kind and righteous, as well as bringing wealth and good fortune.
2️⃣ The White Tiger of the West represents the autumn season and the metal element. It serves as a protector and a defender, both assisting people and casting out evil spirits.
3️⃣ The North Black Tortoise represents the water element and the winter season, and this mythical creature is often associated with longevity and wisdom.
4️⃣ The Vermilion Bird of the South is associated with the fire element and the summer season. It represents great luck.

✨ Silver jewelry helps the body's elemental balance. Silver helps maintain blood vessel elasticity and promotes skin and bone growth and healing. Silver is an antibacterial agent. Yet, it helps relieve arthritis pain. It works by bouncing electromagnetic energy off the body. It improves blood flow, temperature, and overall health by stimulating the body's natural conductivity. Silver has been shown to give you more energy and regulate your mood."

⚠ We guarantee that our selected materials will not tarnish easily. Any chemical solution, such as alcohol, perfume, chlorine, and so on, should be avoided.

⚠ Please consult your doctor if you are allergic to metals.

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