The History of Exploration in Gemstones

The History of Exploration in Gemstones

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Gemstones are natural mineral stones that develop in the earth's core and absorb the energy of the earth.

According to Gemology & Natural Science studies, the energy of the crystal interacts with the earth's magnetic field, and each individual gemstone receives particular energies from the earth over millennia or more.

The oldest gemstone jewellery dates back 25,000 years. As a result, it is evidence of the history of gemstones with people. Gemstones have been used all across the world for everything from jewellery to warfare to medicine. Investigate the true history of gemstones and how they become healing crystals.


The History of Gemstones in Egypt

Egyptians were already using steatite beads and gemstone jewellery composed of carnelian, chalcedony, lapis lazuli, and amethyst as early as 4000 BC. Simultaneously, Southern Egypt imported the gemstone obsidian for jewellery and weapons. Interestingly, jewels like lapis lazuli and ivory in jewellery were used to communicate with gods and goddesses.


The History of Gemstones in China

China's ancient history is littered with examples of gemstones being used, from gemstone needles to elixirs. The first mention of gemstones in Chinese history is from 3600 BC, when Nephrite Jade was discovered. Stone Age craftsmen sculpted this hardest of minerals into swords, tools, decorations, and ritual artifacts. Jades come in different colors and are commonly found in all regions. 


The History of Gemstones in India

In 300 BC, the diamond was first referenced in world history as an export from India. A 3000-year-old belt consisting of agate, carnelian, and jasper was discovered in an Indian cave. Powdered gemstones were also used in Ayurvedic treatment in India. Interestingly, gemstones have been documented to have the ability to heal physically and mentally, which is widely used in the Hindu Tantric system.

The History of Gemstones in Greece

According to Greek mythology, gemstones are like a cloak that houses divine energies. Furthermore, the Greeks put crushed hematite powder on the troops. It was used to increase their strength before battle. The usage of gemstones in Greek history stretches back to 1600 BC.

The History of Gemstones in Rome

Like the Greeks and Egyptians, the Romans held jewels to have metaphysical abilities. The first gemstone amulet appeared around 500 BC. They used sapphires, garnets, and pearls into their jewelry designs to great effect. They were perfect for both physical and mental healing.

The History of Gemstones in Europe

Gemstones first became popular in Europe during the Renaissance. In 11th-century Europe, healing gemstones were implemented for a wide range of physical and spiritual problems. Gemstone jewelry has recently been documented for its healing powers thanks to authors like Arnoldus Saxo and John Mandeville.

The Crusades and Gemstones' History

Gemstones became a part of the trade during the Crusades, in addition to being a part of world history. The clergy, for example, made use of clerical rings. Additionally, throughout the crusades, curative rings served as both healing tools and emotional support in the form of romance rings. The nobles and royalty donned gold, silver, and valuable jewels. Color and protecting force (given by costly jewels and enamel) were highly appreciated. Some gems include cryptic or mystical inscriptions that are thought to protect the bearer.

The Rise of Gemstones in the Twenty-First Century

Gemstones are now worn by everyone from celebrities to politicians to naturopaths. In the 1960s, gemstones were associated with holistic treatments. As a result, gemstones in water, creams, and lotions are now accessible.

Gemstones exhibit distinct frequency oscillations, according to James Maxwell's Electromagnetic theory. As a result, when the same interacts with a person's energy, it affects their neurological system. Today, we know how well these energy interferences impact the physical body, which can change the equilibrium of the human body.

Gemstones Have Physical Healing Properties

You may find gemstones for just about any ailment, such as gemstones for blood problems, gemstones for heart disorders, and so on. According to ancient teachings, the chakra anatomy is perfect for using gemstones for healing rituals. As such, personal stories from those who have experienced physical recovery as a result of gemstone healing practices are common in many places.

Gemstones' Spiritual Healing Properties

The use of gemstones in divination and fortune telling was another popular application. Gemstones are also commonly used in spirit recall, karmic healing, and meditation. To some extent, this is because of the way it works to cleanse the mind of any undesirable emotions. When using them on the higher chakras, practitioners believe that gemstones can reveal destiny and increase intuition.

To summarise, gemstones are full of sparkle and charm. We are often used as jewelry to beautify ourselves. However, we have yet to discover more about how gemstones can be used in profound ways.

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