The Auspicious Beasts

The 4 Auspicious Divine Beasts

There are four mythological creatures associated with the four cardinal directions that can be found in the Chinese zodiac along the ecliptic. Also called "Four Guardians,"  or simply "Four Divine  Beasts." 

The  Azure Dragon (East), The Vermilion Bird (South), The White Tiger (West), and The  Black Tortoise (North) are all symbols of their respective regions.

Each of the divine creatures is associated with a cardinal direction and a color, but also represents other aspects such as a season of the year, an emotion, virtue, and one of the Chinese "five elements" (wood, fire, earth, metal, and water). Each has its own set of characteristics, origin story, and reason for existing. East Asian countries have long used these animals as a spiritual or religious symbol in their culture.



The Azure Dragon of the EastThe Azure Dragon of the East represents the spring season. It represents the Wood element. It is regarded as a fearsome and mighty beast. However, it is righteous and kind, as well as bringing wealth and good fortune.

The Vermilion Bird of the South -  The Vermilion Bird of the South represents the season of summer. It represents the Fire element. Interestingly, it has been considered to be identical to the phoenix. The phoenix represents the fire element. As a mythological creature, the phoenix is considered a symbol of good luck.

The White Tiger of the West - The White Tiger of the West represents the autumn season. it belongs to the Metal element, and it was worshipped as the God of War. The White Tiger was regarded as a protector and defender who both helped people and cast out evil spirits.

The Black Tortoise of the NorthThe Black Tortoise (also called "Black Warrior") of the North corresponds to the season of winter. The Black Tortoise's element is Water, and this mythical creature is often associated with longevity and wisdom.

Last but not least, have you ever wondered about the 5th Divine Beast? 

The Yellow Dragon is the ONE who represents the center of the universe and oversees the transition between the four seasons, as well as the Earth Element.

According to traditional Chinese mythology, the Yellow Dragon is a reincarnation of the Yellow Emperor, who is recognized as one of the oldest ancestors who brought human civilisation, as in Daoism philosophy, and created the fundamental doctrines of Chinese medicine known as the Inner Canon of the Yellow Emperor, or Esoteric Scripture of the Yellow Emperor, which he left to us two thousand years ago.

Today, the four auspicious divine beasts are widely used in the Feng Shui Method to generate Positive Qi Energy in our surroundings. There are a few tips you can use when decorating your home to make it a more blissful and harmonious place to live.


Feng Shui Applications 

The Azure Dragon

Feng Shui practitioners often create gardens on the left side of the house to signify the Azure Dragon's presence. Green plants highlight Azure Dragon's green/blue color.

It is believed to attract wealth, and for households with a man as the head and breadwinner, it is very important to have this left side of the house. If a garden isn't possible, use a fence.

The Azure Dragon should be shorter than the Black Turtle, but taller than the White Tiger for statue placement.


The Black Turtle

The Black Turtle watches over the back of the house, acting as a pillar of protection for the family and keeping it safe from evil energy and betrayals.

A mountain behind the house symbolizes the turtle. Skyscrapers or tall trees can replace mountains in modern homes.

It's ideal if the back of the house faces a tall structure to symbolize the Black Turtle.


The Vermilion Bird

The Vermilion Bird guards the front of the house, where it first interacts with outside energy. The bird protects the house from negative energy and lets in good.

The standard practice is to make the front of the house flat and low-lying, but you can also make a small hump in front of the house to represent the presence of the Vermilion Bird.


The White Tiger

The white tiger guards the right side of the house, representing feminine (yin) energy, while the dragon guards the left. Women who lead and are the main breadwinner should pay special attention to this area, as it is the fortune vault.

To represent calm and strength, place the tiger statue in a seated position. To avoid agitating the White Tiger, keep this area clean and tidy.

If the house doesn't have the right space, like if you share a wall with your neighbors, you can use a fence instead.

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